Monday, 15 March 2010

Monday 15th March

An early morning visit to nearby Boughton Park scored a great Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, drumming and showing very well.  I was back home by 07:15, breakfast and then off to work.  I half expected a Chiffchaff to be calling as I cycled from Barming to East Malling, but nothing new today, although the Little Owl sunned itself out in the open by Kiln Barn Farm.

Back out into the sunshine at 12:40, and across the plots on the research station on my bike.  A large flock of gulls were circling high above the weather station, with two birds giving out a very vocal 'yaah' - a pair of adult Med Gulls in summer plumage.  They were easily picked out as the sun shone through their wings - clear white, lacking black tips.  I hoped they would land on the newly-ploughed ground but they drift high and west.  Onto the lake where aflock of 45+ Black-headed Gulls interspersed with 5 Common Gull.  A couple of Jackdaws flew out one of the Plane trees, and a record 18 (eighteen) Pied Wagtails picked through the turf on the sports field, amongst the massed gulls and geese.  Oh, and the first Daffodil of Spring had opened!


Warren Baker said...

Where are the Chiffy's ?

Adam said...

They've been turning up in East Kent toady - patience my friend!