Thursday, 18 March 2010

Tuesday 16th March

Back down to Bradbourne to meet JC who wanted to look at the camera I use for the blog photos.  I let him loose - all photos on today's blog by JC.
The first shot anda sign of what JC was getting himself into!

The usual crowd of gulls (Black-headed and Common) and geese (Greylag and Canada) sat out on the Sports Ground, a couple of Goldcrests flitted around one of the yews and a female Sparrowhawk drifted high above us. 
A couple of Crows picked through a disintergrated straw bale.  Three Little Grebes bobbed around on the Lake, along with the Coots and Moorhens.  The briefest glimpse of a Redwing disappearing into a Yew was the only reminant of winter, while a clump of frog spawn signalled the first sign of Spring.

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