Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday 9th January 2011

A lovely crisp morning, but treacherous on the roads evidenced by a VW Beetle in the field opposite St Margaret's in Barming.  I was luckier and managed to get to the research station in East Malling without a mishap.  The orchard next to the Kiln Barn Road gate was alive with Fieldfares (300-400), and the apples were 'furred' with frost.  As I drove to the corner orchard a figure strode in front of me, Greenie, at last our paths had crossed!  We chatted away and I was glad to hear Greenie had already connected with some Waxwings before I'd arrived, phew, I really thought he'd left it too late.

At one point this tree held Waxwing, Fieldfare, Redwing, Goldfinch and Chaffinch (double click to enlarge).

As we scanned across the orchard Greenie spotted another Waxwing on one of the Silver Birch trees and to cut a long story short we spent the next hour and half photographing Waxwings and winter thrushes, watching a Sparrowhawk scatter the massed flocks and chatted away about just about anything under the sun (discovering we're both villans - well who else are you supposed to support if you come from SE London!).

John Clements graced us with his presence and after watching some Bramblings washing a puddle in the corner track I had to make my way home.  A great morning and good company - looking forward to catching up soon Greenie ;-)


Ken. said...

Hi Adam.
Nice pictures of the Waxwings. It must have been great seeing all those Fieldfares.
Pleased you finally caught up with Greenie.

Greenie said...

Adam ,
I have got to admit that after slating some of your shots in the past , your Sparrowhawk shot knocks the socks off mine .I'll put it down to 'young eyes' again .
Never realised that I too had an arrow above my head ! , or is it just an East Malling thing .
Really pleased the Waxwings hung about for my trip , a most enjoyable morning , thank you .

Paul said...

Hi Adam, nice shot of the Sparrowhawk there, and youve got to love those legendary "arrowed" photos you do so well too mate.

Warren Baker said...

It's not the same not being able to rib you about your poto's Adam, they are getting so much better!! :-)

Oh! and can you send me a Brambling or two please mate :-)