Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tuesday 11th January 2011

A quick scan of the corner orchard, East Malling Research failed to find any Waxwings - I think they've finally moved on.  A parcel of 20+ Linnets bounced, alternating between flapping and gliding on closed wings,  across the orchard and dropped down onto the canes in the concept pear orchard.  At lunchtime I scanned the orchard again - good number of Fieldfares and Redwings and a very distant Common Buzzard over towards the Downs by the Medway Gap.

I saw a couple of other birders scanning the orchard and catching up with them realised it was Sue and Frank who'd been on site last week.  We chatted and walked down to the Genebank (orchard at the back of the churchyard), and Sue informed me they'd see Waxwings on site on Saturday (I'd not be able to find any on my short visit).  Sue picked out a Green Woodpecker feeding on the orchard floor and a Brambling was amongst a flock of finches and thrushes that flew across the orchard from one of the trees adjacent to the road.

Sue & Frank:  Good to catch up with you again, I hope you managed to find some more Brambling (or a Waxwing!).  Re: Walland Marsh, the pub was the Woolpack Inn just of the A259 SE of Brookland.  Take that road across the marsh towards Lydd and you'd be unlucky not to connect with a few Tree Sparrow or Berwick's Swan at this time of the year.  Late afternoon opposite the pub should turn up Hen and Marsh Harrier at this time of the year with a Barn Owl to boot if you're lucky!  Either view the 'marsh' from outside the pub or take the footpath to the grassy mound and scan across the whole area - things should start appearing as the light fades!

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