Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday 11th December 2011

Another late pass to get out this afternoon, but what a difference to yesterday's crisp, bright weather.  I'm nursing a heavy cold that seems to be getting worse, but I needed some fresh air, even though it was struggle to drag myself out.  I travelled off patch to catch the last 1.5 hours of daylight at Oare Marshes.  The Great White Egret that has been present for a few days was easily found, hunched up on the mud in Faversham Creek, just east of the sluice.  It was joined by a mix of the regular waders (Curlew, Redshank, Oystercatcher, Black-tailed Godwit).  A Peregrine scythed through the flock, but was unsuccessful in its attempts to chase down any prey, and eventually retreated back to the pylon from whence it came.

A walk up to Dan's Dock disappointingly failed to turn up any owls, but a couple of Marsh Harriers drifted to roost and a brace of disgruntled wildfowlers shivered below the seawall, staring up at the darkening,dusk sky. 


Alan Pavey said...

That last picture has bags of atmosphere, excellent!

Greenie said...

Adam ,
Got to agree with Alan , you can almost feel the atmosphere .