Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Wednesday 21st January

Only a brief look on site today, no sign of Waxwings in the orchard at the back of East Malling church at 08:30, although at least 1x Brambling and 1x Yellowhammer were seen. However a quick cycle across site revealed 19+ Waxwings sitting and feeding in an area just south of Garner Drive, East Malling. A Grey Heron and Little Egret were both present in the stream that flows from Bradbourne House. 63x Lapwings were present in Rookery Field, viewable to the west of the public footpath that leads along the site road from East Malling church to Ditton Church.

I lost my bins case and returning to the orchardat 10:20 I was met by a group of birders, some of whom had seen some of the Waxwings, some who had not! However within a few minutes at least 5x Waxwings put in an appearance, landing in the trees at the east of the churchyard. 3x Brambling were also reported, and I had 2x Brambling on the roadside with a flock of Chaffinches as I drove back to the main research station labs. Thanks to those birders who retrieved my bins case - much appreciated! Also lots of Green Woodpeckers around, I had 8 today without really looking for them! Sorry but another shot of a Waxwing, this time looking through the shrubbery towards Garner Drive (from a area with no public access unfortunately). Got to make the most of them while they're here!

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Ken said...

Hi Adam. Can you hang on to the Waxwing's for a little longer, as I want to come back for a better view......if possible.Like the pics of them.